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Coronary Angioplasty is a procedure that opens a blocked artery by inflating a tiny balloon in it. Your heart’s arteries can become clogged from a buildup of cholesterol, cells or other substances. When this condition causes a reduction in blood flow to your heart, chest discomfort can occur. A blood clot can form or get worse and completely block blood flow, leading to a heart attack. Coronary Angioplasty helps restore normal blood flow to your heart muscle.

Similar to Cardiac Catheterization, your cardiologist inserts a thin plastic tube (catheter) with a thin, expandable balloon on the end into an artery or vein in the arm or leg. Once the clogged heart artery is located, the balloon is inflated. The balloon pushes plaque to the sides and stretches the artery open so blood can flow more easily. In some patients, a collapsed wire mesh tube (stent) is opened as the balloon is inflated, thereby locking in position and helping to keep the artery open.

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